The black woman’s burden

You stare up at this man's face in Victoria Square, in the centre of Athens. He's offering you a place to stay and you don't want to think about what he'll want in return. All you can think about is not spending another night on the street in this place, finding a doorway out of … Continue reading The black woman’s burden

Welcome to Athens, you are 54,674 in the queue

Burn down Moria and all borders I arrived in Athens the day that David Graeber died and the same week that Moria camp on Lesvos went up in flames in a act of resistance against the brutality of Europe's carceral logic of inhospitability towards refugees fleeing war, violence and poverty across the Middle East and … Continue reading Welcome to Athens, you are 54,674 in the queue

How white is your reading list?

Academia can't go on like this. I'm starting a new job teaching security studies and political violence at a major university in the UK. In the first term I'll be teaching a Master's level course, Security Studies, owned by a senior academic who does important and critical work on security in the global south. I … Continue reading How white is your reading list?

A month in Palestine

A few from occupied Hebron   Nakba 70/Great Return March protests in Hebron (14th/15th May) soldiers invade Bab Azawieh and shoot live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades at protesters, injuring at least 7 in two days.   Below: Israeli military shot tear gas into two boys schools, both elementary schools, on first … Continue reading A month in Palestine

Not just a bicycle race

The Giro D’Italia opened last Friday in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The race is one of the biggest in professional cycling and despite being a cyclist, over-paid and over-drugged lycra-clad advertisements taking the form of cyclists is really not my thing, though I took a political interest in this race. Giro’s publicity material describes … Continue reading Not just a bicycle race