How white is your reading list?

Academia can't go on like this. I'm starting a new job teaching security studies and political violence at a major university in the UK. In the first term I'll be teaching a Master's level course, Security Studies, owned by a senior academic who does important and critical work on security in the global south. I … Continue reading How white is your reading list?

Locking on in solidarity with Khan al Ahmar

Thursday 5th July was a hot day in the West Bank. Late on Wednesday night we'd got a taxi from Ramallah in the early hours to Khan al Ahmar, and snatched a few hours sleep before the army arrived in the morning. We went to the road and watched as the Israeli military and security … Continue reading Locking on in solidarity with Khan al Ahmar

A month in Palestine

A few from occupied Hebron   Nakba 70/Great Return March protests in Hebron (14th/15th May) soldiers invade Bab Azawieh and shoot live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades at protesters, injuring at least 7 in two days.   Below: Israeli military shot tear gas into two boys schools, both elementary schools, on first … Continue reading A month in Palestine

Not just a bicycle race

The Giro D’Italia opened last Friday in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The race is one of the biggest in professional cycling and despite being a cyclist, over-paid and over-drugged lycra-clad advertisements taking the form of cyclists is really not my thing, though I took a political interest in this race. Giro’s publicity material describes … Continue reading Not just a bicycle race